• full lace wig with silk top (optional) & stretch material

    The lace is attached below natural hairline around the circumference of the head using adhesive/tape, making the unit very secure. Hair can be styled into a variety of hairstyles.

  • Full lace/Glueless wig with stretch material & strap to back

    Unit can also be worn glueless, the adjustable strap at the back keeps unit secure. An elastic band & clips can also be added. Hair can be styled into a variety of hairstyles


    Creates a realistic looking scalp as the knots are hidden below the silk, giving the illusion the hair is growing out of the scalp.

  • FRONT lace/glueless wig with silk top, wefts & strap to back

    Can also be worn glueless. The adjustable strap at the back keeps unit secure. Combs/clips and elastic band can be added if required. Extra lace can added to back to allow more variety of hairstyles. Can not be styled in a high hairstyle.


  • jewish wig

    Some Orthodox Jewish women wear a wig also referred to as a 'sheitel' or 'shaitel' in order to conform with the requirement of Jewish law to cover their hair.

  • lace closure

    Creates an natural looking hairline covering the crown of the head. Allows you to wear hair extensions, u part lace wig or your own natural hair. Can also be ordered with a silk top.

  • lace frontal

    Lace attached to the front of the hairline, covering the crown of your head. Can be attached to your skin using an adhesive, tapes, snap clips or combs to keep secure. Commonly worn with hair extensions.



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